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  • Roger Yao

Why not enough lubrication on treadmill running belt?

During mass production of treadmill at factory, workers put silicon oil under running belt to make sure enough lubrication between treadmill running deck and running belt.

From time to time, some buyers complain that the lubrication is not enough when they receive treadmill for first time use. When running on the treadmill, you could feel the friction and hear the abnormal noise, which therefore may bring customers ( end users) dissatisfaction.

As a quality engineer in fitness equipment manufacturing industry, we will conduct an on-site investigation on the root cause of the problem and find practical corrective action and preventive action (CAPA)plan by working with supplier together.

For silicon oil lubrication on running belt during production at factory, please refer to below video

Here is an example report to show how FQC conducts analysis on treadmill lubrication problem at a Chinese manufacturer.

Download PDF • 601KB

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