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Industry Expertise 

FITQS consists of talents with rich mechanical engineering background. By serving for customers from certain industries, we have accumulated deep know-how for production processing, quality control, market insight, and customer's needs. The mechanical expertise and understanding of Chinese local suppliers make us qualified to serve customers from different industries. However, we have gained deep expertise and experience in certain industries or product categories including fitness & sporting equipment, camping tents, machinery components, precision machining parts, outdoor furniture, flange & elbows, power tools, home appliances, etc. 


      Fitness equipment

  • Product category

  • Chinese factory 

  • Quality complaint

  • Standard & regulation (EN957, CE, EMC)

  • Fitness equipment brands

  • Exhibition for fitness & sporting goods 

  • How to develop OEM, ODM project?

  • What does FQC offer?

  • FQC founder's industry experience



  • Product knowledge

  • Manufacturing process 

  • Chinese factory 

  • Standard & regulation 

  • Market demand 

  • Tips of buying flanges from China

  • What does FITQS offer?

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