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       Fitness Equipment Know-how


FQC is a project team from FITQS, specializing in fitness equipment quality control and project management for customers who buy from Chinese factories. With the strong technical background and deep understanding in fitness equipment, FQC works closely with customers to control quality, follow up orders, handle quality complaints, and more valuably, we also work as sourcing agent to provide one-stop service for fitness equipment brands and new e-commerce buyers. 

Fitness equipment products
 Treadmill knowledge
1. Product category


Fitness equipment, by definition, is any apparatus or devices for users to do physical exercise to enhance the strength or improve cardiac and pneumonic functions. ​There are two Fitness Equipment Market Segmentation by different end users:


home use equipment and commercial use equipment. Home use equipment is also called residential equipment while commercial use equipment is normally used at Health Club/Gym, Hotel, Corporate Office, Hospitals & Medical Center, and Public Institution.


There are many types of fitness equipment for different effects of exercise, roughly divided into, 


Exercise bike: When exercising, like riding a bicycle, it is mainly used to strengthen the legs and increase cardiovascular function.

Elliptical machine: also called cross trainer, allows users to exercise muscle groups in a biomechanical posture, increasing exercise variety and effectiveness.

Treadmill: Mainly used to exercise legs, hips, waist, abdominal muscles and cardiopulmonary function.

Rowing machine: also named as rower, mainly used to enhance arm strength, lats and movement coordination.


Multi-function home-gym station: generally, includes the functions of chest expand, pull-up, bench press, sit-up.


2. Product Standard & Regulation


There are certain markets and countries requesting safety requirement on fitness equipment. If these safety requirements are compulsory, then manufacturers have to have product tested and even get certificate before selling in the market. 

  • US market: ASTM F1250

  • China market: GB 17498

  • Japan market: JIS T1214

  • Australia market: AS 4092

  • EU market: EN20957 

  • Apart from mechanical safety, some other standards should also be complied for. For example, the electrical treadmill with driven motor should meet the requirement of EN60335 as LVD directive and EMC directive. 

3. International & regional brands 


There are many fitness equipment brands in the market, some of them are old brands with many years history, most of which used to be the manufacturer brand. ​​

  • Peloton

  • ICON Health & Fitness, Inc.

  • Brunswick Corporation

  • Johnson Health Tech Co. Ltd.

  • Technogym S.p.A.

  • Nautilus, Inc.

  • Core Health and Fitness, LLC

  • TRUE Fitness Technology, Inc.

  • Impulse (Qingdao) Health Tech Co. Ltd.

  • Torque Fitness, LLC.

  • Star Trac Health and Fitness Inc.

  • Body-Solid Inc.

  • Yowza fitness

  • Precor Incorporated

  • Paramount Fitness Corp.

  • NordicTrack Inc.

  • Cybex International Inc.

  • Nautilus Inc.

4. How to control quality on fitness equipment? 


Many buyers often complained that they got bad quality, which really made them headache because of high cost of after-sales and destroy the brand image. In order to ensure good quality products, customers take different measures to control the production quality before shipment. 

  • Pre-shipment quality inspection

  • Inline production check

  • Lab testing and certificate 

However, quality management is not simply about checking the product, it should involve the all processes for OEM/ODM projects. As a fitness equipment brands or buyers, establishing a comprehensive quality management system is the key to get good quality from China. Want to know more, please see  Services

5. Tips for buying fitness equipment from China


China has become the world-factory for fitness equipment, more than 80% of fitness equipment in the world are produced by Chinese manufacturers. 

  • Develop new models 

  • Find reliable supplier: 

  • Made detailed and clear specification before placing order: 

  • Hire experienced engineers to develop new models: 

  • Conduct final quality inspection and inline quality check:

  • Emerging brands

Video Tutorials 
Quality Inspection on Treadmills


See how FQC team makes quality inspection on finished product, electrical treadmill at one factory in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. 

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