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Quality Control Services

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FITQS offers comprehensive quality control services including pre-shipment quality inspection, inline production inspection, supplier audit, sample review, lab testing, and customer quality complaint problem shotting. 

We are not merely an inspection agent, unlike other third-party inspection companies, just checking and issuing one inspection report, FITQS team interacts with customers closely, not only detect the quality problem, more importantly, we offer solutions to solve the problem until customers get satisfied.

Sourcing Project Management

When customers develop new suppliers, and new products with Chinese manufacturers, there are always some challenges. FITQS has a team with rich experience in global sourcing and supplier management, 

  • Recommend competitive suppliers

  • Supplier verification & investigation 

  • Business term negotiations 

  • Select new products with competitive prices 


Product Development & Realization

fitness equipment designer .jpg

FITQS is dedicated to bringing value to customers through the whole business operations. With our rich experience in OEM/ODM project management, profound know-how in mechanical products, good communication cross-culture, we work closely with customers to generate new ideas, combine resources, work out business plan, design  

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