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Fintess Equipment Industry News - Week 38


fitness equipment industry news
Fitness equipment industry news

1. Dyaco buys Sweatband to create 'global powerhouse' for B2B and consumer fitness products

Dyaco UK, a specialist in fitness equipment, has made a strategic move by acquiring the online fitness marketplace Founder Maz Darvish will continue as a shareholder in the merged entity while embarking on a new venture, an AI startup called Cognition Hub. Darvish expressed excitement about working closely with Dyaco UK to further boost the company's substantial growth.

With this acquisition, Dyaco UK aims to broaden its services to encompass both the consumer and commercial fitness markets, expanding beyond its primarily B2B focus. Dean Jackson, now serving as the CEO of Dyaco UK and, highlights the synergy between the two companies, uniting Dyaco's manufacturing capabilities based in Taipei with's deep understanding of the e-commerce landscape.

Dean Jackson emphasized that this deal signifies an exciting new chapter for Dyaco UK, as they pool their resources and expertise to establish a global force in the fitness industry. This collaboration is expected to propel growth in key markets worldwide, strengthening Dyaco UK's market presence and extending its reach.

It's worth noting that Dyaco UK operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dyaco International Inc, headquartered in Taiwan. The parent company boasts a global presence with offices in 86 countries, employing over 1,000 individuals and offering an extensive portfolio of 500 products. Dyaco UK was established in March 2018 to introduce the brand to the UK market, with significant investments from the parent company to support its launch.

2. IMMAF Announces RDX Sports as Official Global Kit Supplier and Partner

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) is thrilled to introduce RDX Sports as its official global kit supplier and partner. This groundbreaking partnership marks a significant milestone in the world of mixed martial arts, with the unveiling of the next generation of IMMAF kits scheduled for the 2023 IMMAF World Championships in Tirana, Albania, this November.

RDX Sports, renowned worldwide for its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation in MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and fitness equipment and apparel, will play a pivotal role in designing, manufacturing, and distributing an exclusive line of mixed martial arts gear and attire in collaboration with IMMAF. This comprehensive range will include officially accredited rash guards, gloves, and shin guards, becoming a standard feature of IMMAF competitions, both at the World Championships and beyond.

The IMMAF X RDX Sports alliance is set to revolutionize the athlete experience, providing cutting-edge kits that meet the highest standards of performance and comfort.

RDX, with its origins in the UK, has evolved into a global leader in contact sports equipment. Mirroring IMMAF's growth trajectory, RDX boasts a workforce of over 700 employees, operates from four global warehouses, and owns two manufacturing facilities. RDX remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, evolution, and the crafting of precision equipment for fighters of all skill levels.

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown expressed his delight, stating, "We are delighted to welcome RDX Sports as our official global kit supplier. This partnership is a pivotal step in our long-term vision with RDX Sports. Together, we envision the development of new ranges of kits and apparel at a scale never seen before within the IMMAF ecosystem."

He added, "These ground-breaking initiatives will not only benefit our current athletes but also inspire the next generation of MMA enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying our commitment to the growth of Amateur MMA on a global scale."

Kerrith Brown also expressed gratitude to long-term equipment partners, Green Hill Sports, for their unwavering support over the past eight years.

Ray Qudos, Chief Marketing Officer of RDX Sports, shared his excitement, saying, "We take immense pride and pleasure in being named as IMMAF's official and accredited global kit supplier, solidifying our strategic partnership for the upcoming year and beyond."

Qudos, who first encountered IMMAF at their inaugural show in Las Vegas in 2014, highlighted the organization's remarkable growth, spanning over 142 member countries. He noted, "IMMAF delivers prestigious World Amateur Championships at the Youth, Junior, and Senior levels, uniting a diverse mix of cultures to celebrate the best-emerging talent in MMA. These athletes are poised to become the stars of the professional game."

As IMMAF continues its tireless efforts to nurture grassroots MMA worldwide, the strategic partnership with RDX Sports underscores its unwavering commitment to empowering the next generation of MMA athletes. This collaboration promises to elevate the sport to new heights, setting a global standard for quality and performance in mixed martial arts equipment.

3. Matrix Fitness Extends Partnership with JWB Mental Health Foundation to Pioneering Heights

Matrix Fitness, a leading provider of cardiovascular, group training, and strength training equipment for health clubs and fitness facilities, has announced a significant expansion of its partnership with the John W. Brick (JWB) Mental Health Foundation. This enhanced collaboration, now at the Champion-level, is set to fund the groundbreaking Mental Well-being Certification for Fitness Professionals, marking a historic milestone in the fitness industry.

The JWB Foundation embarked on the development of this unique certification program early in 2023 in response to a pressing need identified through a 2021 survey conducted by the IHRSA Foundation. The survey revealed that a staggering 90% of respondents expressed a strong interest in mental health courses within the fitness profession. Furthermore, the IDEA Health & Fitness Association conducted a survey within its network of group training instructors and personal trainers, revealing that these professionals engage in a staggering 20.8 million client interactions annually.

The forthcoming certification program is designed to revolve entirely around mental health, employing an evidence-based holistic approach that encompasses fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness from a comprehensive, whole-person perspective. The initial phase of the certification is scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2024.

This marks the second consecutive year of Matrix's partnership with the JWB Foundation, reaffirming their steadfast commitment to mental health awareness initiatives that commenced in May 2022. Over the past year, Matrix has been actively involved in producing research-based content, hosting, and participating in numerous speaking engagements, and contributing to panel discussions on mental health topics. In March 2023, Matrix notably hosted an educational session at IHRSA 2023, where Global Research Scientist Dr. Karlie Intlekofer delivered a presentation on building mental health resilience within health club environments. Additionally, Dr. Intlekofer took part in a mental health panel discussion alongside Lynne Brick.

Lynne Brick, Co-Founder of the JWB Mental Health Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are honored and excited to have Matrix as a partner for the first Mental Well-being Certification for Fitness Professionals. This certification will provide tools fitness professionals can implement immediately to help their members, clients, and staff flourish, fostering resilience and happiness. Together, we can make a significant impact on how the world addresses mental health."

Mark Zabel, President of the US Commercial Division at Johnson Health Tech North America, shared his perspective on the partnership, saying, "The JWB Mental Health Foundation is responding to feedback and providing essential education at the perfect time for our industry and fitness professionals. With this partnership, Matrix will be able to go beyond mental health content and can be a part of the trailblazing efforts to create practical mental health education that supports our customers and their fitness professionals." This partnership stands as a testament to Matrix Fitness's dedication to mental health and its unwavering support for the well-being of fitness professionals and their clients.

4. Eleiko Strengthens US Presence through Partnership with Marathon Fitness

Eleiko, a renowned global leader in strength and conditioning equipment, has proudly announced a strategic partnership with Marathon Fitness, a well-established distributor of fitness equipment. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in Eleiko's expansion strategy within the United States, as Marathon Fitness joins the growing network of authorized distributors for Eleiko's premium product lineup.

Through this partnership, Eleiko aims to bolster accessibility to its world-class strength training equipment for non-commercial customers in the residential, corporate, and hospitality sectors across Texas and Arizona. Eleiko's products are celebrated for their exceptional quality and cutting-edge technology.

Magnus Nyberg, President of Eleiko Sport - US, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are excited about our partnership with Marathon Fitness. Their expertise in the fitness equipment distribution industry, coupled with their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, aligns perfectly with our growth plans in the US market. Together, we look forward to empowering fitness facilities with premium equipment and exceptional service."

This strategic collaboration underscores Eleiko's dedication to delivering top-tier fitness solutions and fostering a culture of health and performance within the fitness community. By partnering with Marathon Fitness, Eleiko aims to expand its presence in the US market, ensuring that fitness enthusiasts nationwide can benefit from the brand's renowned equipment and training tools.

Marathon Fitness, an esteemed player in the fitness industry, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. Christa Davis, President at Marathon Fitness, commented, "We are honored to collaborate with Eleiko, an iconic brand that shares our passion for innovation and excellence. Together, we are committed to enhancing the fitness experience and inspiring greatness in athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the country."

In addition to this partnership, Eleiko actively seeks to establish new distribution alliances across the United States. By joining forces with like-minded distributors, Eleiko aims to further expand its market presence, making its industry-leading products more accessible to fitness facilities and professionals nationwide.

Magnus Nyberg extended an invitation to potential distributors, saying, "We believe the US market holds significant growth potential, and we invite interested distributors to join our network. Together, we can drive the fitness industry forward, revolutionizing how athletes and fitness enthusiasts approach their training."

Eleiko remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the fitness industry through continuous innovation, exceptional products, and strategic collaborations. Fitness equipment distributors interested in partnering with Eleiko are encouraged to reach out via the company's website.

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