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  • Roger Yao

Quality inspection know-how for home use treadmills by FQC

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Treadmill is the most typical and complicated equipment among all fitness equipment portfolio because treadmills consist of different transmission components and involve not only mechanical structure but also electrical, electronics, smart hardware, software (App).

Before the treadmills shipped out from Chinese factories, certain quality check should have been conducted in order to make sure customers get the right quality.

FQC has been performing different types of quality control for fitness equipment buyers who buy OEM/ODM products from China. Final quality inspection is a quality control measure which is most frequently used for pre-shipment quality control.

Here, we present one video to show how we perform pre-shipment final quality inspection. You will find FQC sues some special test devices which other QC may not use during quality check. For example, we use polar pulse signal simulator to make sure the testing signal we give for test is precise and accurate.

If you have any suggestions or inquiries about quality control on your treadmill, please contact us at


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