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Fitness Equipment Industry Weekly News – W48

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1. Gympass has more than 2,700 member gyms in Spain,with 20% yearly growth.

Gympass, a leading corporate wellness platform, has experienced a remarkable 20% surge in its partner network in Spain over the past year, surpassing 2,700 associated operators. The integration of Andjoy has played a pivotal role in accelerating Gympass's growth rate beyond expectations, as stated by Arturo Muzelle, the company's partnership director for Spain and Portugal. With a strategic focus on expanding coverage across gyms, studios, clubs, and climbing walls, Gympass solidifies its position in the Spanish market. Muzelle highlights Spain as one of Gympass's "main markets in the world," showcasing significant progress throughout 2023. Major fitness operators in the country, including Vivagym, Fitup, Synergym, and others, contribute to Gympass's robust network, marking a substantial increase from the end of 2022.

2. JD Sports sells Middle East chain, Gym Nation to MBO

In a strategic move, JD Sports Fashion plc has successfully sold Gym Nation, the Middle East chain it acquired in February 2022, to MBO, a triumvirate backed by TriCap Investments and Ruya Partners. The newly formed MBO comprises Gym Nation co-founder Loren Holland and colleagues Frank Afeaki, Ant Martland, William Rasmussen-Dean, and Ishan Patil, who now assume the role of majority shareholders in the gym chain.

Under the stewardship of MBO, Gym Nation is poised for an ambitious expansion, with the announcement of signing four additional locations in the United Arab Emirates and six in Saudi Arabia. The rollout has already commenced in Qatar and Bahrain.

As of now, Gym Nation boasts a total of 16 gyms across various Middle Eastern countries. The divestiture by JD Sports marks a strategic shift in ownership and sets the stage for Gym Nation's accelerated growth trajectory under the leadership of the newly formed MBO.

3. Tonal Expands Retail Presence with Best Buy, Offering AI-Driven Home Gym Experience

In a notable development for the home fitness industry, Tonal, recognized as the foremost intelligent home gym with a pioneering personalized approach to strength training, has initiated a widespread retail expansion by partnering with Best Buy. The move aims to introduce Tonal's innovative intelligent strength training system to a broader audience across the United States, with immediate availability for consumers on

Tonal has consistently pushed the boundaries of the fitness landscape, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to dynamically adjust weights in real time, offering users up to 200 pounds of digital resistance. This strategic collaboration with Best Buy enables Tonal to tap into a new consumer base through a trusted retail platform, providing direct access to its AI-driven equipment.

Ian Yung, Tonal’s Senior Vice President of Revenue, notes that this partnership with Best Buy aligns seamlessly with their mission to enhance distribution and expand ecommerce presence, making intelligent strength training more accessible to a wider demographic. Recognizing Best Buy's standing as one of the nation's most trusted retailers, Yung expresses excitement about the potential for a broader audience to experience the transformative power of Tonal.

Consumers purchasing Tonal through will benefit from Geek Squad Agents managing delivery and installation. This not only expands Tonal’s installation reach but also ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for users. The in-home delivery and expert installation are inclusive with the purchase of Tonal from

This strategic expansion signifies a pivotal milestone in the realm of home fitness, bringing AI-driven technology, personalized strength training, and a diverse array of coaches to consumers seeking a transformative fitness journey.

4. Supernatural Introduces 'Unreal Fitness' in Stunning Brand Relaunch

Supernatural, the acclaimed VR fitness app recently acquired by Meta, unveils its brand relaunch with the introduction of 'Unreal Fitness.' The campaign showcases the immersive in-headset experience, transporting users to breathtaking landscapes where they engage in full-body movements choreographed to energetic music.

For this relaunch, Supernatural ventured to Iceland, collaborating with Director Neels Castillon and RSA Films to capture the essence of working out inside the Meta Quest headset. Co-Founder Chris Milk emphasizes the app's unique ability to suspend reality, offering users a transformative experience in diverse virtual environments.

The decision to shoot on-location in Iceland led to a whirlwind three weeks of pre-production, showcasing the expertise of RSA Films in capturing bodies in motion within nature. Director Neels Castillon expresses excitement about conveying the emotional impact of Supernatural within the commercial, emphasizing the perfect blend of energy and beauty in Iceland's landscapes.

Supernatural, positioned as a distinct option in the fitness category, aims to redefine how we approach exercise and wellness. With the introduction of 'Unreal Fitness,' the Meta Quest headset becomes a unique fitness tool, offering users an unparalleled way to achieve their fitness goals.

Sapna Kirk, Supernatural's Head of Marketing and former-Peloton executive, notes that Supernatural, akin to Peloton, merges innovative hardware and evolving content into an accessible subscription model. Positioned at the forefront of fitness, Supernatural welcomes a more mainstream audience to VR, providing a workout experience that feels like magic.

5. SOLE Fitness Partners with Kinomap to Revolutionize Home Cardio Workouts

Leading home fitness equipment provider, SOLE Fitness, is joining forces with Kinomap to enhance and personalize the workout experience for users of SOLE cardio equipment. This strategic partnership includes a special offer of 30-day free premium Kinomap subscriptions for SOLE equipment owners in the US.

Kinomap, renowned for transforming various fitness equipment into a personalized training experience, will enable SOLE users to access a global library of user-generated content. Whether utilizing treadmills, bikes, rowers, or other SOLE fitness equipment, the Kinomap app allows users to embark on virtual runs, rows, and rides anywhere in the world. From casual scenic jogs to competitive races, the experiences cater to diverse fitness preferences.

Brad White, CEO of SOLE Fitness, emphasized the company's commitment to providing products that make a meaningful difference in customers' lives. The partnership with Kinomap aligns with this vision, offering SOLE customers a connected fitness experience that transcends traditional workouts. White expressed confidence that the collaboration will provide users with an engaging and personalized exercise journey.

Philippe Moity, CEO of Kinomap, welcomed SOLE Fitness to the extensive list of over 200 cardio brands partnering with Kinomap. He highlighted the shared vision for a connected fitness experience that enhances workouts, ultimately benefiting customers with an immersive and experiential workout.

The Kinomap platform, available in 15 languages, boasts 370,000 miles of geolocated routes and over 40,000 training videos in more than 195 countries. The equipment-agnostic Kinomap app seamlessly pairs with cardio devices, responding to inclines and resistance via on-screen course videos, revolutionizing home cardio workouts.

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